Sharon UMC Response to COVID-19 (3/29/20)

March 15th, 2020 by Nick Grove

Sharon UMC,

Sharon UMC,

We wanted to update you on our current status since our last COVID-19 update, which we suspended all activities until the end of March. After reading Bishop Laurie’s most recent letter to clergy, listening to Governor Reynold’s press conferences and most recent declarations, and asking those in the medical field from our church their thoughts, we find two mandates as Christians very apparent:

  1. We must love God well in this season. These unprecedented times and restrictions that appear to be limiting life are an opportunity for us to truly live a full life, through reading and meditating on Scripture, praying and developing a relationship with God, and reordering our lives to put God first.  
  2. We must love others well in this season. While we do not have all the answers, God gives us the capacity to have both wisdom and faith, neither of which were meant to oppose the other. In faith and wisdom, we must trust the governing bodies God blessed us with and recommendations from those who can see what we cannot. Right now, how we can love each other is by remaining apart for this season, by remaining home as much as we can, practicing good hygiene and physical distancing, and heeding the wisdom of those leaders in the coming days and weeks as this season continues. Physical distancing does not limit us from calling and checking in on one another in this time as the church.

With these in mind, we will continue in the cancellation of in-person church events through April 16th. While this breaks our hearts knowing this includes the calendar celebration of Easter, this delay will not suppress the meaning of Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Rather, this delay will only give us greater reason to rejoice that God has defeated death when we join face to face again. We will celebrate an Easter yet, and we will celebrate the defeat of COVID-19 and death together someday. Until then, continue striving in best practices in physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

God be with you until we meet again.

Pastor Nick and Sharon UMC Council

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